Broadmoor, The Broadmoor: Explore Colorado’s Most Luxurious Resort
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The Broadmoor: Explore Colorado’s Most Luxurious Resort

Whether you are a CO local or a visitor from out of town, odds are that you have heard of the massive luxury 5-star hotel located in Colorado Springs.  If you don’t then let me quickly fill you in—the Broadmoor is a destination resort that has been around since it opened in 1891. This place is more than a hotel—it is a true luxury experience in the CO mountains. It is a Mediterranean revival style with pink stucco on the exterior. The best part? It is nestled in the mountains and has a lake (Cheyenne Lake) in the middle of the resort. So if you can think of nothing better than to immerse yourself in gorgeous mountains, luxurious grounds, and pristine service then this is the place for you! My family has been going to the Broadmoor since I was a child (courtesy of my great grandma). Whether it was for Easter brunch or special occasions, I have been fortunate enough to stay in this epic hotel many times! So here is everything that I can think of to help you plan your next stay at The Broadmoor.

My Bucket List Review of Staying in the Broadmoor

My Overall Rating – 8/10 Category – Luxurious Hotels Who Needs to Add This to Their Bucket List? Fancy travelers who want to experience Colorado nature in style. Best Time to Go – June to September Travel Difficulty – Easy Physical Difficulty – Easy Popularity Rating – 6/10 Group/Tour Required – No Budget – $$$$ Wheelchair Accessible – Yes

When To Stay at the Broadmoor

First off, let me say that there really isn’t a bad time to go to the Broadmoor! However, I would recommend Summer or Winter depending on the kind of vibe you are going for. Note: you can go during fall and spring, but I personally prefer the winter for a chance of snow and summer for the pool.
Broadmoor, The Broadmoor: Explore Colorado’s Most Luxurious Resort
My best friend and I posing in front of the iconic car in front of the Broadmoor.


If you are in the Springs for winter, you are at a greater risk for a very magical thing to happen. That’s right—the blissful snow among the mountains. Colorado is already known for its snow storms and even I, as a CO native, get excited about a good mountain snowstorm. To be in such a beautiful place with the added addition of snow is simply breathtaking. I mean who doesn’t want to go to a luxury resort in snow-covered mountains? The only things that you might miss are the outdoor pool and walking around the lake and grounds (unless you bundle up!). I do believe that the indoor pool is open year-round and I bet the hot tub would be UNREAL if it was snowing. Just take this with a grain of salt…if you come during wintertime it has the potential to be COLD. In Colorado the weather is very unpredictable (especially in the winter), so you might need to be a little more flexible and open if you come in the winter. Also, it goes without saying, but please be careful of the roads if you are coming during the snowy season! Make sure you have good tires and a 4-wheel drive and although it might be a drive, don’t forget to check out some winter sports like snowboarding.
Broadmoor, The Broadmoor: Explore Colorado’s Most Luxurious Resort
My kitty, Emmy, enjoying the views of the Broadmoor.


Although I do love a good aesthetic winter at the Broadmoor, I think that my favorite time to go to the Broadmoor would have to be in summer! During this time, the weather is wonderful! It doesn’t get painfully hot, but it is just hot enough to go outside and participate in some fun activities in and out of the hotel. One of my favorite things to do in the summer would have to be the ridiculously cool outdoor pool. This is an infinity pool with a view of the lake, hotel, and mountains!

What To Pack for the Broadmoor

Broadmoor, The Broadmoor: Explore Colorado’s Most Luxurious Resort
First off, let’s talk dress code. The dress code at The Broadmoor is resort casual. This means Bermuda-length shorts, dressy denim, slacks, or collared shirts. I would adhere to this if you were dining in any of their restaurants/brunch or doing any of the activities at the resort. I have noticed that they are a bit more relaxed if you are just walking around. However, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you are going to this insane hotel, why not bring out your good clothes? I absolutely love getting dolled up and just walking around! On the opposite end of the spectrum, when I was younger my family and I would walk around the lake in the bathrobes that came in our room and then would go to the pool. No one seemed to mind and it was very relaxing! This is totally personal preference and wears what makes you confident and comfortable! To sum it up, I would pack a good mix of casual clothes and some fancy clothes. And don’t forget your bathing suit! Depending on the time of the year, I would also bring many layers and various footwear. Fall and winter may depend on day to day with temperature and it is always good to be prepared. I’m not saying that you wouldn’t rock heels and a strapless dress in the snow but it might not be very comfortable.

Things to Do within the Broadmoor

The Broadmoor is very unique in the sense that you don’t necessarily have to leave the hotel in order to have a good time. Granted, there is a TON of activities to do in the Springs. But let’s talk about some of the fun things that you can do inside the resort!

The Pool and Spa

This pool has always been my happy place. There is something so magical and classy about the pool offered and it is still one of my favorite things to do. Now there are two pool areas at The Broadmoor: the indoor and the outdoor.

The Indoor Pool

The indoor pool consists of a nice sitting area and a large atrium with lots of windows. These windows provide a great view of the mountains and the lake! The entire vibe in here, in my opinion, is very classy and kinda makes me feel like an old-time Hollywood movie star. In the same building, you can find a full gym, a mirrored yoga/dance room, and a spa. I personally haven’t had the opportunity to use the spa facilities but I am sure that they are an absolute dream. The spa has 43 treatment rooms, a relaxation room, and a hair and nail salon. Outside of this building is a lap pool and a hot tub. As far as I am aware, this stays open year-round and would be perfect if you decided to go in the wintertime.

The Outdoor Pool

The outdoor pool is an experience of its own. This is an entire area full of luxury. There are plenty of chairs, cabanas, and places to lounge and read a good book. A hot tub is perfectly nestled across the bridge and on the edge of the lake. There are even some slides if you are traveling with little ones. The main pool is a gradual beach-like feel and extends to an infinity end right on the edge of the lake. It offers a full view of the Broadmoor grounds, the lake, and the mountains. Grab yourself a cocktail and float there at the edge and it is pure bliss! I think unfortunately the pools are only open to guests but it is something that should not be missed if you are staying there!
Broadmoor, The Broadmoor: Explore Colorado’s Most Luxurious Resort
A collage of my family visiting the Broadmoor during Valentines Day.

Getting out on the Lake

As you can see from the pictures, the entire hotel is almost a circle with a giant lake in the middle. There are several ways to see the lake:

Walk Around the Lake

As I said, there is a path that is circular with a bridge cutting it in half. It is a very pleasant walk! It is about 0.75 miles (1.21km).

Rent a Paddleboat

I believe that this comes with certain rooms or at an extra cost. One time when I went, we got a free hour of paddle-boating on the lake on my birthday! They can fit 2 people.

Rent a Covered Boat

Although I haven’t done this one, I have noticed some fancy small covered boats out and about! There were about 3-4 people in them and looked so idyllic! Don’t forget to look out for swans! Quick story: I was obsessed with swans when I was little and I got a realistic swan-shaped Easter basket one year and was carrying it across the bridge. The staff thought that I was just carrying a swan around and all ran out to tell me off. It was quite a laugh when everyone realized that it was fake…
Broadmoor, The Broadmoor: Explore Colorado’s Most Luxurious Resort
My best friend and I posing in front of the main brunch area at the Broadmoor.


My mouth is literally salivating right now just thinking about this brunch! Seriously! This normally takes place in the Lake Terrace Dining Room and runs at about $40-50 a person. It is buffet style but doesn’t think that that means the food is subpar. I’m talking delectable meats, hand-crafted desserts, and so much more to make your tummy rumble. The food is to die for! Don’t forget to make your reservation early, dress a little nicer for this event, and eat slowly!


There are several restaurants on the hotel property that are amazing! I would recommend reservations for all of them. The most popular and my favorite is the Golden Bee. It is located about a block in front of the hotel and I believe that they have a shuttle. This restaurant is English pub style and is known for its tiny little felt stickers in the shape of a bee that the servers throw at people. I see these things everywhere and there is still one on the dashboard of my mother’s car.
Broadmoor, The Broadmoor: Explore Colorado’s Most Luxurious Resort
My best friends and I posing on the bridge for my sweet sixteen!

The Bowling Alley at Play at the Broadmoor

If you go to the new building (Broadmoor West) and walk through the hall of pictures (they put up a picture for all of its noted guests) you will see the bowling alley! It is known as Play at the Broadmoor and offers food and bowling! It is about $13-21 and reservations are required for both bowling and dining.

Play a Card Game

My family thrives at card games. We have two games that we play together everywhere we go! The Broadmoor offers some cozy and classy atmospheres for card games! Here are my favorites:

At a Table Outside

If the weather behaves, there is nothing like grabbing a table by the lake and playing some cards! Just watch out for the wind.

In the West Building

In the west building, if you go to the Play at the Broadmoor bowling alley past the hall of pictures and keep heading down the hall you will reach the end of the building. Here there is a giant room with a fireplace and a water fountain.

The Library

This one doesn’t have a table to play cards, but I have to mention it because it is something straight out of a movie. To get here, you go up the escalator to the right of the check-in desk. After the escalator, turn to your left and go towards the restaurant. It is a very small room right next to the ballroom.

Find your Own Place

Explore at your own pace! I cannot tell you enough that just walking around all of the buildings is an adventure in itself. As you explore, you will find that there are endless little coves to sit down for a good game.

Toast Marshmallows and Make Smores

If you are looking for a fun activity that won’t break the bank, then why not toast some marshmallows? You can buy your own materials and head down to the outside of the main lobby at the west building. There are several massive fire pits and seating there for you to toast the perfect marshmallow. You can then make it into a perfect Smore as you look out over the lake and the mountains.
Broadmoor, The Broadmoor: Explore Colorado’s Most Luxurious Resort
Trying a bit of yoga before eating brunch at the Broadmoor in Colorado.

Play Some Golf

I have never personally played golf here due to my skills only going towards a mean game of put-put! But if golf is your thing, then I know that they have three golf courses and a golf club. And it sure did look nice whenever I was headed to the indoor pool!

Learn about the History of the Broadmoor

As you can imagine, The Broadmoor has some rich history within its walls! You can explore and read about some of its histories or you can take a guided tour to learn all about this magnificent resort! *Note: this is just a handful of things that The Broadmoor offers and is based on these things that I have personally seen or done. I know that they have so much more to do including horseback riding, wilderness retreats (Cloud Camp), a fishing camp, and a ranch. Make sure to ask the front desk when you check in about all of the possibilities and fun things to do while you are there.
Broadmoor, The Broadmoor: Explore Colorado’s Most Luxurious Resort
My kitten, Emmy, enjoying the view from her room at the Broadmoor.

How Expensive is The Broadmoor?

This is a luxury place and therefore often comes with a luxury price tag. I have seen prices for about $400 but peak prices will see you spending about $500 a night for a standard room. If you are looking to go all out, suites can go for $1,200 or more a night! You might be thinking, “Uhhhh…okay but what if I want to visit but don’t want to spend all the money on a room?” Don’t panic! One of my favorite things about the Broadmoor is that walking around and hanging out is completely free! You might have to pay for parking and walk or splurge on the valet, but once you are in, it is an incredible place to soak up for the day or even go to one of their restaurants. In fact, when I was in full study mode for medical school I would take a day trip up to The Broadmoor and move every hour to a new aesthetic study location. I had some seriously productive days there!

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