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Learn about why I am dedicated to helping explorers like you conquer everything on your travel bucket list!

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Shello, There! I’m Alexandra the mermaid!

I have always been adventurous and love to explore! My first trip was at the age of 2 months, and I haven’t stopped traveling since! That means I have been traveling for a whopping 24 years! 

Since then, I have traveled to every continent (except Antarctica), lived in Europe and in the USA, and been to 40+ countries. 

I have also been a yoga instructor for 6 years and have loved deepening my practice during my travels. 

I have always had a love for the sea since my parents were married underwater and have always had the heart of a mermaid. 

My goal is to become my best mermaid self and inspire, educate, and connect with my fellow travelers so that they may conquer their bucket lists. If you are interested, you can also read my full story 🙂

Below are some quick facts about me!

  • I did my undergraduate degree (Forensic Science) in Cambridge, England and went to medical school in Budapest, Hungary (until I quit to become a travel blogger).
  • I am currently packing and selling everything I own to move into a fifth wheel and travel full-time.
  • When I am not traveling my hobbies include snowboarding, doing yoga on a paddle board, hiking things I shouldn’t, and watching cheesy romantic comedies.
  • I have two Siberian Forest Cats named Moshie and Amelia.

A travel Blog that focuses on what to put on your bucket List

It is my goal to help all of you adventurers and travelers! I want to do this by giving you specific bucket list review guides and any other helpful information that I possibly can.

I have broad country destination bucket list guides that are linked to the specific bucket list ideas.

It is my hope that these guides will give you advice, direction, inspiration, and a sense of whether it needs to be added to your own bucket list. 

Hint: if you are stuck, my favorite category is adventure 🙂 

It is my promise to you to deliver a bucket list guide from adventures that I’ve actually done (or I will find someone who has).

That way you can hear information from somebody who has actually checked it off of their own bucket list and can give you real human advice and recommendations.

I am also committed to creating a community for my fellow bucket listers to share their experiences, learn, and get inspired!

But why should you care? Let’s quick chat about why having a bucket list is so important! 

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Why is having a bucket list so important?

It is a natural human practice to want to accomplish certain tasks before we, colloquially say, “kick the bucket”.

Whether this is to travel to a certain destination, accomplish a personal goal, or try something daring, there is something that makes us feel truly alive when we set certain activities that must be done before we die.

 That feeling of living is heightened when we finally get to cross that thing off of our bucket list! Although it might have many names (bucket list, adventure list, life list), its importance cannot be overlooked.

If we were to sit in a corner and do nothing but work, eat, and sleep, we would lose our purpose and our drive! An individual’s bucket list drives us to get out of bed in the morning, smile, and truly live life to the fullest

Then once it is done, we move on to the next dream and hop on the next plane. Such goals can truly drive a human being to accomplish true wonders and simultaneously grant him/her/them a fulfilled life full of beauty and adventure. 

Another thing that I love about this is that every person’s list is unique. We all have different values, thoughts, opinions, and priorities.

And I think that is pretty cool! So whatever your bucket list is–it is beautiful in its own way

I know that there are certain types of bucket list ideas (find a romantic partner, get a promotion at work, buy a house). These are amazing examples of things that are perfectly valid to be on your bucket list.

However, in this space, I will just focus on bucket list items that are concerned with travel and tangible experiences

So whether you are here for inspiration to find your next bucket list item, you need information about an idea you already have, or you want to share your experiences with crossing off something on your bucket list…then you are home!

The Bucket List Mermaid is a fun and safe space to brainstorm your bucket list. However, instead of simply labeling it a “dream” and tossing it aside, my hope is to inspire you to take this information and turn it into a reality! And to maybe learn from my (many) mistakes…

So learn as much as you can, explore as much as your feet can bear, and conquer your bucket list as if you were to kick the bucket tomorrow!

How to use the bucket list mermaid

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t panic. Here are some ideas that you can start with depending on why you are here! Happy bucketlisting!

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Be Inspired

Look around and read a few posts! Dabble around a few destinations that you’ve always wanted to explore! 

Share your favorites with your loved ones or travel partner. You might find a few ideas for your next adventure! 

I am committed to tackling the more well-known bucket list as well as bringing attention to some lesser-known options.

Are you in a hurry and just want a traditional bucket list? Don’t worry–my country destination guides are your one-stop for each location and are in list format. More detailed blog posts will be linked if you wish to learn more! 

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Learn from my mistakes

I am far from perfect and my traveling self is no exception. Traveling is also not perfect

I often joke that traveling can sometimes feel like Murphy’s Law: everything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Although this can be quite freeing in its own ironic way, I am here to tell you my experiences so that when you decide it is time to tackle something on your adventure list, maybe you can avoid my mistakes or at least be more prepared than me

At the very least, you can laugh at me making a fool of myself in weird travel situations (it’s okay…I laugh at myself on a daily basis!). 

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Join Sharing Tails

Are you looking to connect with adventurous traveling people like yourself? Are you looking to inspire others through your previous adventures?

Sharing Tails is a community of ideas to help cultivate inspiration! You can either share your own adventures or learn from others! 

The first step is to subscribe to my email list–this gets you access to the Facebook group so that you can connect, support, and inspire! You can also follow and tag me at @thebucketlistmermaid on Instagram of your bucket list idea or a photo of you completing a bucket list item for a chance to be featured on my specified story tab! 

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Traveling Yoga (Coming Soon)

Another one of my passions is yoga! I started with my grandmother when I was younger and ended up getting certified to honor her after she passed away. 

In addition to writing about travel bucket list ideas, I am also committed to making online yoga classes that you can enjoy in your home (or maybe while adventuring). 

The twist? I am going to do the majority of these classes in various inspiring travel locations. 

I have found yoga to be a great tool to clear your mind and let the bucket list creativity and motivation flow! Whatever your personal reasons are for showing up on your mat, I would love to take this journey with you!

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Ready to Conquer Your Bucket List? Let’s start swimming!