June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024

June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024

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June is here, and with it comes the promise of summer adventures, long days, and unforgettable travel experiences! Let’s talk about the ultimate June bucket list!

If you’re like most of us with the wanderlust bug, you’ve probably found yourself with an ever-growing, insatiable bucket list.

That’s where I come in. As a travel blogger, I’ve ventured far and wide, experienced the magic of June all across the globe. I’ve whittled down my ever-expanding list to a curated collection of June-centric experiences. 

This post is your golden ticket to a summer packed with travel experiences that you’ll want to relive year after year. Let’s dive in and unleash the spirit of June, shall we?

Explore the lavender fields in full bloom in Provence, France

June marks the beginning of the lavender bloom in the breathtaking fields of Provence, France

The landscape is transformed into a sea of fragrant purple, offering an enchanting spectacle, especially from June to August. 

Venturing into these iconic fields in June provides the opportunity to see the lavender in its first bloom. 

The weather is warm and comfortable, making it an ideal time for leisurely strolls and photo sessions. 

This mesmerizing phenomenon is a time-bound event, making June the perfect start to immerse yourself in the captivating lavender fields of Provence. Another reason to add this to your June bucket list!

There are so many ways to experience the lavender fields in Provence. You can see some examples below:

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Lavender fields in Provence. Photo by Antony BEC on Unsplash.

Experience the Inti Raymi Festival, a traditional Incan ceremony in Peru

The Inti Raymi Festival, a grand event in the Incan calendar, takes place each year on June 24th in Peru

This vibrant celebration, also known as the Festival of the Sun, is a tribute to Inti, the revered Incan sun god. 

Inti Raymi is a day-long event, starting with a ceremony at the sun temple and culminating in a grand procession to the historic ruins of Sacsayhuamán

With the day holding the most sunlight, it’s considered a time of abundance and a chance to pay homage to the sun.

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Hanging out with some llamas and alpacas in Cusco, Peru.

Visit Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice in England

Visiting Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice is a magical experience, one that deserves a spot on your June bucket list. 

The Solstice usually falls between the 20th and 22nd of June. It is the only time when the rising sun aligns perfectly with the Heel Stone and the central Altar Stone of this ancient monument. 

As the dawn breaks, the sight of the first rays of sunlight streaming through the ancient stones is a breathtaking spectacle. It attracts thousands of visitors each year.  

June opens this rare window of opportunity, making it the only time to fully experience Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice.

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Visiting Stonehenge in England.

Attend the Dragon Boat Festival in China

Dive into the cultural richness of China by participating in the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival

This takes place on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar (usually falling in June). This vibrant festival is filled with thrilling dragon boat races, traditional music, and the consumption of zongzi – delicious sticky rice dumplings. 

The festival’s highlight is undoubtedly the exhilarating dragon boat races where teams paddle furiously in intricately carved boats, cheered on by enthusiastic crowds.

Go on a safari in Kruger National Park in South Africa

June is the perfect time to tick a safari in Kruger National Park off your bucket list. 

As winter sets in South Africa, the weather becomes cooler and dry. This is the most favorable time to observe the park’s diverse wildlife. 

The scarcity of water during this period prompts animals to congregate around waterholes, providing spectacular sightings for safari-goers

Furthermore, the thinner vegetation allows for better visibility, increasing the chances of spotting elusive species. 

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Spotting zebras on my African Safari.

Celebrate San Juan Night in Puerto Rico

San Juan Night, or La Noche de San Juan, is a magical celebration taking place on June 23rd every year. 

As the sun sets, people gather on beaches and around bonfires across Puerto Rico and the world to celebrate the Summer Solstice, marking the longest day and the shortest night of the year. 

The night is filled with fireworks, music, food, and a festive atmosphere. One of the most enduring traditions of San Juan Night is the midnight swim. This is believed to bring good luck and purge negativity.

If you’re seeking a vibrant cultural experience, June is the only time you can join in this enchanting festivity.

Drink a glass of wine for National Rosé Day in Napa Valley, California

June offers wine lovers a delightful opportunity – National Rosé Day. And what better way to celebrate than in Napa Valley, California? 

Falling on the second Saturday of June each year, this is the perfect time to sip on a nice rosé. 

Visitors can indulge in tastings of the finest rosé wines. Summer is the perfect season for relishing the delicate, refreshing flavors! 

Not to mention, the blooming vineyards in June provide a picturesque backdrop for wine tours and picnics.

Therefore, if you’re a wine enthusiast, enjoying a glass of rosé in the heart of American wine country during National Rosé Day should certainly find a place on your June bucket list.

Go hiking on the first day of Summer

Start your summer on a high note – literally! The first day of summer, falling on June 20th or 21st each year, marks the official onset of summer. It also means that it is longest day of the year. This makes it the perfect day to embark on a hiking adventure. 

June is particularly ideal for hiking in many regions due to the moderate temperatures and low rainfall. This means near perfect trail conditions. 

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Hiking Quandary Peak, a 14er in Colorado.

Witness the breathtaking White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia

Looking for something different? White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, is a unique cultural phenomenon that takes place from late May to early July

The highlight of the festival is during June when the city experiences a natural phenomenon known as the ‘white nights’. This is a period of twilight that lasts all night due to St. Petersburg’s geographical location near the Arctic Circle. 

The city becomes a round-the-clock carnival with a series of events. These include ballet, opera, music concerts, and spectacular fireworks along the river Neva. 

Note: this bucket list idea might not be available to some. As always, check the regulations of where you can travel, and always be safe!

Hike the Tour du Mont Blanc at the Start of the Season

A must-add to your June bucket list is the exhilarating hike around the Tour du Mont Blanc. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart! This is for my die-hard outdoor bucketlisters!

This iconic, 170-kilometer trek spans three countries – France, Italy, and Switzerland. Because of this, it provides awe-inspiring views of glaciers, mountain passes, and alpine meadows. Trekkers normally take around 11 days to complete this outdoor bucket list. 

While the tour can be undertaken from mid-June to mid-September, June is arguably the most magical time. 

June also marks the start of the hiking season before the summer crowds pour in. It ideal for intermediate to advanced hikers looking to avoid the crowds. Just make sure you are okay if you run into any leftover snow.

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Hiking in Mont Blanc. Photo by Nicolas Weldingh on Unsplash.

Enjoy the stunning beaches of Fiji during its dry season

June is the ideal time to tick off Fiji from your bucket list. 

This Pacific archipelago has a blend of turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and vibrant coral reefs. It showcases nature at its finest during its dry season from May to October

In June, the weather is just perfect – warm, sunny days, lower humidity levels, and minimal rainfall. 

There’s no doubt that Fiji in June offers an unforgettable tropical escape that you’ll want to add to your bucket list!

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Drinking a fresh coconut in Fiji.

Attend the vibrant Rio de Janeiro’s Festas Juninas in Brazil

If you’re planning a Brazilian adventure this June, don’t miss out on the vibrant Festas Juninas.

Celebrated throughout June, these festivities honor popular saints like St. John the Baptist and more. They are marked by traditional music, dance, and food. 

The streets of Rio de Janeiro become a colorful spectacle. Locals dress up in farm-themed clothes and participate in ‘quadrilha‘ (like a Brazilian square dance). All while the aroma of traditional dishes like ‘pamonha‘ and ‘canjica‘ fills the air. 

June is the only time to join the locals in this uniquely Brazilian celebration, a cultural extravaganza you’ll surely want to add to your bucket list!

Eat a donut on top of Pikes Peak for National Donut Day

On the first Friday of June, celebrate National Donut Day! However, this is a travel blog and I can’t suggest something as simple as eating a donut for your bucket list. Let’s do it with a gourmet twist by taking a trip to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado

I am a Colorado native, the donuts at the Pikes Peak Summit house might not be what you are used to…they are better! There is something about the way that they cook them at over 14,000 feet that makes them so mouthwatering and delicious! 

This culinary adventure is only possible during the summer months when the road to the summit is accessible, making June the perfect time to go. If you are here during the winter, I would check out the cog rail and bring LOTS of warm clothes. 

The combination of delicious donuts, breathtaking views, and the sheer thrill of this high-altitude experience is sure to make your National Donut Day in June epic!

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Eating a donut that was cooked at over 14,000 feet in Colorado.

Revel in the Midnight Sun in Iceland

Only in June can you bask in this surreal phenomenon, where the sun barely dips below the horizon, painting the skies in vibrant hues of pink and gold for nearly 24 hours. 

This occurs from approximately mid-June to the end of the month. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the sun at midnight. It’s a must-add to your June travel bucket list!

Go to Exhuma hidden sandbar in the Bahamas

Dive into a world of crystal-clear waters and pristine, untouched beauty by visiting the hidden sandbars of Exuma in The Bahamas. 

During the summer, the water is warm and is perfect for diving or relaxing.

The sun is at its brightest, illuminating the turquoise waters and the immaculate white sands, offering a truly unparalleled visual spectacle.

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Relaxing on a pristine beach in the Bahamas for June.

Experience the pulsating energy of the Glastonbury Music Festival in England

Get lost in the electric atmosphere of the Glastonbury Music Festival, one of England’s most iconic summer events. 

The festival spreads over a sprawling 900-acre farmland in Somerset, known as Worthy Farm. It showcases an array of talents from worldwide celebrities to emerging artists across various stages. It is the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world.

The beauty of Glastonbury lies in its diversity, offering music genres for every taste, from rock and pop to folk, electronic, and everything in between.

Soak up the sun at Volcano Bay in Universal, Florida

Get ready to beat the summer heat this June by taking a plunge into the tropical paradise of Volcano Bay in Florida.

This water-themed amusement park at Universal Orlando is the perfect escape from the scorching heat. It offers thrilling rides, relaxing lazy rivers, and private cabanas for a more exclusive experience. 

June is the ideal time to visit as the park comes alive with longer hours, amplified entertainment, and the start of the summer crowd that adds to the lively atmosphere. 

Moreover, Volcano Bay’s centerpiece, the Krakatau Volcano, puts on a stunning light show in the evenings, an event that you can’t afford to miss!

Don’t forget to get their early to reserve your spot for the Krakatau Aqua Coaster. This is the only aqua roller coaster I have ever been on and it was my favorite ride in Volcano Bay!

If you are headed to Universal anyway, I have also rode every single ride at both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and make a complete guide.

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
The main area of Volcano Bay at Universal in Florida.

Take a traditional flower bath in Bali, Indonesia

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Bali, Indonesia

Get relaxed and indulge in some self-care this June by experiencing a traditional Balinese flower bath. 

June is an ideal time to indulge in this wellness activity, as it marks the start of Bali‘s dry season, ensuring clear skies and a serene, sun-kissed ambiance that perfectly complements the holistic experience. 

Plus, June is right before the peak tourist season. So, you might have thinner crowds than if you decided to come in July or August.

I personally took a flower bath in the Gili Islands, but the Ubud area, known for its lush landscapes and tranquil spas, is the most famous spot for these baths.

Camp in the Rocky Mountains

This June, hit the trails and camp under the stars in the majestic Rocky Mountains

June is the perfect time to visit, as the snow has (mostly) melted, providing access to the high country, and the wildflowers begin to bloom, transforming the landscape into a vibrant array of colors. 

The crisp, cool mountain air makes the evenings perfect for campfires and stargazing.

Key dates to remember are from mid to late June. This is the optimal window to fully enjoy the Rocky Mountain camping experience without the risk of late spring snowfall. 

Every year for my birthday, my family and I would camp in Golden Gate State Park. I would just recommend booking a reservation far in advance because spots do tend to fill up in the more popular areas.

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Camping at Devil’s Head in Colorado.

Eat gelato in Florence

In June, take your taste buds on a delightful journey by indulging in authentic Italian gelato in Florence. 

The city is famed for its artisanal gelato, with a myriad of flavors ranging from traditional stracciatella to inventive combinations like lavender and honey, all churned fresh daily. This is the only place in the world where I will eat pistachio flavor.

To go above and beyond, you could even learn how gelato is made:

Enjoy the quaint charm of the Mackinac Island Lilac Festival in Michigan

Every June, the picturesque Mackinac Island in Michigan, USA, transforms into a sea of purples, pinks, and whites for the annual Lilac Festival. 

From June 7th to June 16th, 2o24, the island celebrates the 10-day event with horse-drawn carriage tours, concerts, and the highly anticipated grand parade. 

The festival is a beloved tradition that dates back to the 1940s. It celebrates the island’s historic varieties of lilacs – some of which are over 200 years old. 

This explosion of color and intoxicating scents is a unique experience that can’t be replicated at any other time of the year.

Practice yoga in the mountains for National Yoga Day

For all the yogis and fitness enthusiasts out there, add a unique twist to your June bucket list by celebrating National Yoga Day on June 21st in the tranquility of the mountains.

Whenever I can recommend something involving yoga, I always do! Because I am a yoga instructor and (not to be dramatic) it has completely reshaped my life and mental health.

This day coincides around the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, providing ample time to connect with nature and engage in the holistic practice of yoga. 

Moreover, June is the ideal time for this activity as the weather is typically clear and pleasant. It is a perfect time to take your yoga mat outdoors!

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Doing yoga on a stand up paddle board in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Surf in the world-renowned breaks of Baja California, Mexico

Set off on an exciting adventure to Baja California, a surfer’s paradise known for its world-renowned breaks.

June is the perfect time to hit these waves as the water temperature begins to warm, and the north-west swells are just right.

These conditions create the ideal environment for both newbies looking for a safe and fun introduction to the sport. It also includes seasoned surfers in search of their next big wave.

As the summer crowds have not yet descended, you can have more of the beach to yourself, making it an opportune time to ride the waves.

Pro Tip: If you are into surfing and want something a bit more exotic, I would also check out Indonesia and the Maldives in June.

Go whale watching in Glacier Bay, Alaska

June is prime time in Alaska for those looking to fulfill their bucket list desire of witnessing the magnificent whales in their natural habitat

Glacier Bay, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and abundant marine life, is a hotspot for whale watching. 

From June to September, humpback whales migrate to these nutrient-rich waters to feed. This gives an unparalleled opportunity to observe these majestic creatures in their element. 

I took an Alaskan cruise in October and still managed to see about a hundred from the ship!

In addition, since it is so far north, the longer days of sunlight will provide you with extended viewing opportunities.

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
Whale watching in Glacier Bay on an Alaskan cruise.

Revel in the cultural richness of the Aboriginal Day in Canada

Experience the richness of indigenous culture at National Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations in Canada. 

Held annually on the 21st of June, this vibrant event coincides with the summer solstice, marking the longest day of the year. 

It’s a day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Canada. 

In June, the weather is typically warm and pleasant, adding to the allure of outdoor festivities. These include traditional music, dance performances, arts and crafts workshops, and authentic indigenous cuisine. 

If immersing yourself in a vibrant tapestry of indigenous culture is on your bucket list, then this is something you won’t want to miss on your bucket list!

Swim with whale sharks in Cancun

Diving into the clear, turquoise waters of Cancun and swimming alongside the majestic whale sharks is a truly unforgettable experience. 

Beginning in June and going all the way to September, these gentle giants gather in large numbers around the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea near Cancun. This means that it one of the world’s largest aggregation site for whale sharks. 

This is still VERY high on my bucket list. So, if you have any photos, please share! And I’ll keep you updated!

As you can see, the month of June is ripe with unique and unforgettable travel experiences that can fulfill any adventurer’s bucket list.

Whether you’re swimming face-to-face with the colossal whale sharks in Cancun or attending a once-in-a-lifetime festival in another country, June offers an array of unique experiences that are just waiting to be explored.

So, get ready to pack your bags, mark your calendar, and set off on these spectacular adventures. There’s no better time than June to make your travel dreams a reality!

June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024
A whale shark underneath the water. Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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ACCOMMODATION – My two favorites are Booking.Com for hotels and VRBO for rentals. 

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June Bucket List, June Bucket List for Travelers in 2024

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