Japan Bucket List

Your simple and traditional bucket list guide to Japan!

japan, Japan Bucket List


  • Go to a Japanese onsen
  • Wear a kimono.
  • Buy a kimono. 
  • See the cherry blossoms bloom at Nakameguro River.
  • Find your zen in Hamarikyu Gardens.
  • Go to a sky observation tower in Tokyo (Roppongi Hills City View or Shibuya SKY) 
  • Take a photo of Tokyo Plaza Omotesando.
  • Watch Japanese television
  • Go to Tokyo Disneyland.
  • Walk around Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
  • Go snowboarding in Hakuba.
  • Be on top of Tokyo with Tokyo Skytree
  • See Mt. Fuji
  • See Shibuya Crossing
  • Cosplay in Harajuku. 
  • Respect the beauty of Sensoji Temple.
japan, Japan Bucket List


  • Eat mochi
  • Eat Japanese raman
  • Drink sake. 
  • Get some spicy kare-raisu.
  • Enjoy cotton candy in Harajuku. 
  • Try sushi and sashimi
  • Try some yakitori on the street. 
  • Buy some onigiri from a supermarket for a snack.
  • Eat tempura.
  • Eat Okonomiyaki prepared by a chef who made it right in front of you.
  • Enjoy shabu shabu (Japanese hotpot).
  • Enjoy miso soup before a meal. 
  • Eat some Udon noodles!
  • Eat Gyudon at Sukiya.
  • Drink/eat something made with Japanese matcha
  • Enjoy each type of gyoza in Utsunomiya (Suigyoza (boiled), Agegyoza (deep-fried), and Yakigyoza (fried).
japan, Japan Bucket List


  • Stay in a capsule hotel in Tokyo (Nine Hours Hotel if you want to feel like you are in a spaceship/futuristic atmosphere)
  • Take instagram pictures at the Asakusa Kokono Club Hotel.
  • Get check-in by robots or dinosaurs at the Henn na Hotel
  • Get eco-friendly with the Trunk Hotel.
  • See Godzilla spit fire at Hotel Gracery Shinjuku.
  • Read a book in the library capsule hotel of Book and Bed Hotel.
  • Stay in a Hello Kitty room in Keio Plaza.

Did I miss something that needs to be added to the Japan bucket list? Feel free to email me at alexandra@thebucketlistmermaid.com.

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