travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide

Travel Photoshoot Guide

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When I say the word “travel photoshoot”, you might have a variety of thoughts pop into your head. Isn’t that just for models? That sounds terrifying. Nah, I got my phone and a random stranger! 

However, if you are interested in any way shape, or form for creating seriously cool travel photos, I would highly recommend that you reconsider! 

This is a giant leap out of the majority of people’s comfort zone (including mine), but the result can truly capture a memory of you traveling/checking something off of your bucket list.

Please note: in some of my pictures that I got during my travel photoshoot experience in Budapest, Hungary, I put myself in some dangerous positions. I am fully aware that I’m crazy, but I am comfortable doing these things. Please DO NOT compromise your safety or do anything that you are not comfortable doing. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
A travel photoshoot showing off the Budapest skyline.

My Bucket List Review for a Travel Photoshoot

Who Needs to Add This to Their Bucket List?Anyone who wants to capture travel memories and unleash their inner model.
Best Time to GoAnytime, anywhere!
Travel DifficultyDepends on your location
Physical DifficultyDepends on your location
Popularity Rating2/10
Group/Tour RequiredNope, just a photographer.
Wheelchair Accessible Yes
Photo ToursViator or GetYourGuide

If you need more information about the categories of this table, please check out the Bucket List Reviews guide.

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
Looking over Budapest from Fisherman’s Bastion for my travel photoshoot!

Why invest in a professional Travel photoshoot?

You might be thinking that it is easier just to take your phone and either set up a tripod or coach a stranger to achieving the greatest travel photo. 

There is NOTHING wrong with this and I have done this more times than I can even count. 

However, there are certain circumstances that I believe are cause for a little extra spending in order to capture the moment. Here are some situations that I believe are cause to take part in these legendary photoshoots. 

If you don’t see yourself traveling there again or anytime in the near future

If this destination has been on your bucket list forever but you don’t think that you will make it back for any reason, then why not get some photos that you can take with you forever? 

With this photoshoot, I was in a very intense school in Budapest and was quite upset that I didn’t get to see the fun parts of the city (especially the Castle Hill area). It was a really unique and interesting way to see the sites and the pictures are insane!

Quick note, there are so many things to see in this city, even if you are just in Budapest for a few days, and therefore endless photo possibilities!

If you are celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime event

This is obvious, but if you are going through a once-in-a-lifetime event such as a proposal, baby, or major life event, then it goes to say that you might not want it taken on your iPhone or android. Such events deserve the recognition of a proper photoshoot! 

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide

If you don’t want the added stress of getting the photos yourself

I don’t know about you, but it is kinda frustrating to have a photo idea in your head. So you dress up, go to the location, give a stranger your phone, and give them specific instructions. 

When I took a flower bath in Bali or dressed up in kimonos in Tokyo, I got very lucky with the photography abilities of strangers. But that isn’t always the case…

When you look back at the photo the angle is wrong, your head is cropped out of the photo, the quality is terrible or it just wasn’t what you want it! 

Sometimes it is less stressful to have someone who actually knows how to pose people and how to work a camera. When you have less stress, you have a better time traveling and better photos to show! 

There are also times when you physically can’t take your own photos. For example, if you were bungee jumping, skydiving, or staying on the side of a cliff

If you want to step up your social media game

This reason is only for those who have an interest in taking major stepping stones towards growing on social media. Whether you have the knowledge or not, you are more likely to grow on social media when you put out crisp, clear, interesting, and visually pleasing content. 

Although it is possible to take this kind of content with your phone…it falls short when compared to a nicely composed travel image with a professional camera. Your followers have an eye for beauty and they can tell when an image is taken with a camera vs a quick click with a phone. 

Keep in mind that I am all for mobile phone photography and educating people about both the capabilities and limitations, but even I can admit when the occasion calls for a better camera.

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
At the entrance of Fisherman’s Bastion.

What to Expect from a Travel Photoshoot

Some of you might be models or photo experts, but this is for those of you who are not (aka me because I am so awkward in front of the camera). Here are a few things that you can expect so that you can go into this experience with total confidence! 

When you Purchase a Travel Photoshoot

When you purchase your photo package, make sure to read the description or any text that is included so that you be 100% sure of what to do. 

I purchased my experience through Air B&B experiences, so this was what I went through and my personal experience. 

I bought searched ‘photo experience Budapest’ in Google and came across Air B&B experiences. 

There were several photographers so I looked at ones that had Instagram or websites so that I could look through the portfolio. 

Here are some more locations where you can find photographers or photo tours:

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide

Once You Find a Photographer

Once I found a photographer I liked, I purchased through the experience. If you are wondering who took these lovely photos, you can check out more of his work or have him snap a few photos of you if you are in Budapest!

Back to my point, I talked with him a bit through the Air B&B app and we talked about the weather, location, and outfits. 

I woke up at 5:30 am to get ready. Yep, it’s early but if you are going to a popular spot, then you will want to beat the normal touristy crowds.

We shared a car to Buda Castle (the location we decided upon). 

We arrived at Fisherman’s Bastion around 7 am. He knew the best spots and the ‘routes’ that we would take to take the photos. 

We spent about 1.5 hours taking pictures in various locations. He would give me advice on how to pose and whatnot. This made me feel very comfortable since I was very nervous to do this. 

After the photoshoot, we went our separate ways. Within a day, he uploaded my photos to an external site where I could pick out the ones that he was going to edit and that I was eventually going to receive. 

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
Posing in front of St. Matthias Church for a travel photoshoot.

After the Travel Photoshoot

In the end, I picked out about 85 photos that I loved! 

He spent about a week editing the photos and when he was ready he sent me to another external link where I could download the raw and web version of each picture. 

I stared at them for a while because they were…well…EPIC! 

I seriously contemplated how much it would be for a photographer to just follow me around everywhere. Too much for now? Maybe one day! 

What Should I wear to a Travel Photoshoot?

This is probably the biggest question that I get! So here are a few quick tips to help inspire you for your outfit during your photoshoot! 

Think about where you are going to be and dress for that location

If you are going on a hike, maybe steer clear away from a heavy ballgown (unless that is your thing, and if it is please share it with me).

However, if you are going to be in a fancy castle setting, maybe a ballgown would be just the thing to give you an amazing photo! 

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
Sitting on a balcony in Budapest at sunrise.

If it is for you, maybe dress in some cultural apparel

There are so many opportunities to pay respect to the culture that you are experiencing. If this is something that appeals to you, dressing in traditional cultural clothes makes for an amazing photo. For example, check out this article about dressing in kimonos in Tokyo

Step out of your comfort zone

A fun and flattering photo shoot combine the beauty of the location and the beauty of you! No matter what you wear, it will be amazing!

But this is an amazing excuse to wear something that you would not normally wear, step out of your comfort zone, and take an amazing photo! 

Think about what will make you stand out in the photo

Another way of thinking about what to wear would be to think to yourself, “what outfit would complement this photo? What would make it pleasing to look at?

For example, I knew that I was going to a very old castle structure on the banks of the Danube in Budapest.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and thought that a modern take on an outfit with a traditional corset might complement the overall tone of the photos…and I was really happy with how they turned out!

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
Trying to step out of my comfort zone and take some serious portraits. This was actually very difficult!

Tips for Posing and Composition for a Travel Photoshoot

Look at the gallery for the photographer and pick out the poses that you like

Try to recreate poses that you like! If you are not a model and have no clue how to pose for cute pictures (aka me!), then don’t panic!

What I did that really helped was, once I choose my photographer, I looked at his work. There were certain pictures that I was drawn to and wanted something similar.

I then asked tried to keep those poses in mind and practiced a few before. If I got stuck, I knew that I could ask the photographer to help me get my desired photo. 

Look up social media profiles that you follow and try to recreate their poses

If you want something different than what the photographer has already done, I think that there are a lot of resources that you can use to get inspiration.

My personal favorite is Pinterest. If you search for your destination there, it will give you and the photographer tons of inspiration for your perfect photos. 

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
Enjoying the nice fall weather in Budapest during a travel photoshoot.

Do dynamic poses; don’t just stand there

A lot of the photos that I got during my shoot were created by me just moving. This helped make me feel more comfortable and created more interesting photos that didn’t make me look like I was standing there.

Some inspiration could include: trying to walk down a corridor while he snaps photos in action or flipping your hair/dress/outfit. 

Take this with a grain of salt and don’t move TOO much so that they cannot get the shot. I would recommend talking with your photographer and asking what they is comfortable with and if they would mind moving slowly to get the shot. 

Communicate with the photographer and ask for help if you feel lost

Most professional photographers are very well knowledgeable about good photo composition. Such knowledge is often accompanied by the ability to pose their subject in a flattering way.

If you feel awkward or like your photos just aren’t working, I would encourage you to talk with the photographer and see what they recommend. I would then trust their advice and let them work their magic! 

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
Attempting to embracing my innter model during a travel photoshoot in Budapest.

Ask to see the photos and fix what you don’t like

This tip is going to depend on what the photographer is comfortable with doing.

If they are willing, I found it very helpful to see the pictures that they had already taken on the spot to see if I could quickly fix anything there and then.

Where to Find Photographers for your Travel Photoshoot

Find a friend with a camera

Sometimes you are lucky enough to have a friend that has and knows how to work a camera. If you trust their artistic ability, it can be a very fun event for both of you! 

If you are traveling solo this can be tricky, but you might have better chances if you travel with a group.

Air B&B Experiences

This is where I found my photographer. I also, surprisingly, found a multitude of people offering photographic services! This might vary depending on the city and place that you are going to.

Also, this will probably decrease in number the farther outside of popular cities you are (for example, a photographer probably isn’t going to hike with you to that mountain top unless that is his MO). 

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
Posing in front of Parliament building in Budapest.


I found fewer options on Viator, but there were still some “tours” that you could take that involved a photoshoot! 

Look on google

A tried and true method: google. Most professional photographers will have a website that is dedicated to their business and you can look at their gallery and services.

If you just google “(your location) photoshoot/photographer” then that should get you the results that you need to find your photographer. 

Bonus tip: if this does not work, I would try to look at Instagram hashtags (ex. #budapestphotoshoot and see where everyone is going to get their pictures.

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
Capturing the sun in a travel photoshoot in Budapest.

What Should You expect to Pay for a Travel Photoshoot?

This is LARGELY dependent on the country, city, and photographer.

In Budapest, where everything is generally cheaper, they ranged from $50-200

  • I ended up paying about $95

Keep in mind that some photographers do an hourly rate and then charge for photo packages. They also might charge if they have to travel. 

Just going off of experience, the more professional the photographer, the more it is going to be. 

My Air B&B experience was probably more cheap than going to a photography company. A company may charge for the original shoot as well as $300+ for the actual photos. 

My advice would be to start with your budget and then choose an option and photographer that fits that option.

If you are going for a cheaper option, I would try to find a friend or check out Viator/Air B&B experiences. 

If your budget is higher, I would check out google to try to find a photography company or individual photographer.

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide
Trying not to look down as I sit on the edge of Fisherman’s Bastion for the perfect shot. Don’t try this at home, kids!

Adventure Bucket List Resources

I am here to help your travel adventures go as smoothly as possible! That way you can check off that bucket list with minimal complications and spending!

AIRFARE – It is no surprise that like many travelers, I have found that Hopper is one of the best resources to use when finding cheap flights. 

ACCOMMODATION – My two favorites are Booking.Com for hotels and VRBO for rentals. 

GUIDED TOURS –  If you are looking for quick and easy tours, check out GetYourGuide and Viator

MULTI-DAY TOURS –  For more in-depth tours that span several days, TourHub has many great options with reputable travel companies. Use my code (ALEXANDRA1GURU) for up to 5% off your next bucket list adventure. 

TRANSPORTATION –  You can either rent a car yourself with Discover Cars or do a guided bus tours like Big Bus Tours

CREDIT CARD –  I always use my Chase Freedom Unlimited card for all of my purchases. There is no annual fee and you get 1.5% cash back and 5% cash back on travel purchased through Chase Travel. 

SIM CARDS –  Avoid expensive roaming charges with an eSim card with Airalo.

TRAVELER’S INSURANCE –  Check out VisitorsCoverage for affordable insurance plans.

More Luxury for your Bucket LIst

travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide

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travel photoshoot, Travel Photoshoot Guide

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