flower bath, Flower Bath in Bali (All You Need to Know)

Flower Bath in Bali (All You Need to Know)

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During my mesmerizing journey through Indonesia, I stumbled upon this hidden gem that elevated my travels to a whole new level – the enchanting flower bath in Bali!

Picture this: You, surrounded by a fragrant symphony of vibrant blossoms, immersed in the epitome of relaxation and culture.

If you’re a traveler with a penchant for the finer things and a love for soaking in petals, trust me, this is a bucket list must-do that will leave you feeling pampered and culturally enriched!

flower bath, Flower Bath in Bali (All You Need to Know)
The view of a Bali flower bath.

My Bucket List Review of a Balinese Flower Bath

Who Needs to Add This to Their Bucket List?Anyone who wants to relax with Balinese flair!
Best Time to GoApril to October
Traveling DifficultyEasy
Physical DifficultyEasy
Popularity Rating5/10
Group/Tour RequiredNo
Wheelchair AccessibleCan be, depends on the company.
Favorite Place to StayKastara Resort (Ubud)
Favorite TourRiverside Spa Treatment near Bali Zoo

If you need more information about the categories of this table, please check out the Bucket List Reviews guide.

flower bath, Flower Bath in Bali (All You Need to Know)
Taking a Balinese flower bath on the Gili Islands.

Why should a balinese flower bath be added to Your bucket list?

What is a Bali Flower Bath?

You might be thinking, “So you take a bath in flowers? What is the hype? I certainly have never heard of that,” 

Let me tell you that I asked myself the same exact question and the answer was that taking a traditional flower bath was everything that I never knew I needed. I soon realized that if you are in Indonesia, you won’t want to miss out on the incredibly zen and relaxing experience of a Bali flower bath.

These baths can be used to relax the body, grab a jaw-dropping travel photo, or even to celebrate a special event.

Benefits of a Bali flower bath

Originally, I was under the impression that a Bali flower bath was purely for aesthetics!

By bathing in flowers and herbs, it naturally revitalizes your body and promotes an increased sense of well-being

The most common flowers used in Bali flower baths are jasmine, frangipani, or lotus flowers.  These flowers are traditionally arranged in a pattern or drawing as they effortlessly float in the bath. 

There are also some variations of this depending on the spa. For example, milk and flower baths help to hydrate and soothe the skin. Or citrus baths rejuvenate the senses and the body.

So if you are still asking yourself why this should be added to your bucket list, then the real question should be, “why NOT?” Or as said in a more colloquially: treat-yo-self!

Where to Do a Flower Bath in Bali + Best Bali Flower Baths

There are a lot of resources out there talking about the “best flower baths in Bali”. Although these are useful, my honest recommendation is to sit back and think about the overall feel that you wish to accomplish with your flower bath first. 

This will give you a heads up with what to expect from each location regarding a flower bath.

Once you narrow down the kind of vibe you want for your Bali flower bath, it’s time to find the best flower baths in that area. If I am being honest, they are all amazing (especially in Ubud), so you won’t have a hard time deciding where to check this one off your bucket list.

flower bath, Flower Bath in Bali (All You Need to Know)
Relaxing in a traditional flower bath in Bali.


If you are looking for a vibe that is less “I’m bathing by a beach” and more “I’m in the middle of a jungle relaxing in flowers” then Ubud is your next destination! 

This is probably the most popular spot for Bali flower baths and there are so many companies that offer flower baths for a great price! 

Most of the places I found were about 5-15 minutes away from central Ubud. 

If you decide on Ubud, I would expect views over jungles and very aesthetic decor. I would also expect to pay a bit more for the high-end spas. This is truly the “flower spa” capital of the world. 

Flower Bath Bundles in Ubud

Best Flower Baths in Ubud

  1. Karsa Spa: Dive into the fragrant bliss at Karsa Spa, known for its heavenly scenic views and rejuvenating Bali flower baths. It’s a must-add to your bucket list! They are known for their pink and red petals.
  2. The Udaya Resorts and Spa (Kaveri Spa): This stunning resort is set among the lush greenery of Ubud and offers some of the most aesthetic flower baths. This one is perfect for the instagrammers.
  3. Villa Cella Bella Ubud and Kamandalu: Is a bath not enough? How about an entire flower pool?!
  4. Fivelements Retreat: The luxurious Fivelements Retreat isn’t just a spa, it’s an experience. The petal-filled bath overlooking the Ayung River is a treat for your senses.
  5. Tjampuhan Spa: Tucked away in the heart of Ubud, Tjampuhan Spa offers a peaceful retreat with its flower baths. My favorite part is the Balinese cave like structures!
  6. Puri Gangga Resort Ubud: This picturesque resort not only focuses on incredible flower baths, but also some unique citrus baths.
  7. Tejaprana Resort and Spa: The flower bath at Tejaprana Resort and Spa is out of this world. The fragrance of the flowers mixed with the stunning jungle views is an absolute paradise.
  8. Bali Botanica Day Spa: Last but definitely not least, Bali Botanica Day Spa is renowned for its flower baths. I especially like this one because I’m a yogi and they offer Ayurvedic treatments.


If you are in Canggu, you are probably surfing or you don’t have the time in Bali to explore the entire island. If this is you, don’t panic! 

You may have to look a little harder, but there are still some options for a Bali flower bath! These ones I found these to be less about the view and more about the aesthetic of the room itself.

They are not as full out as the ones in Ubud but they are still just as luxurious and offer all that relaxation that you are craving! This might be the best way to recover from a wipeout on the waves!

Best Flower Baths in Canggu

  1. Theanna Villa & Spa: This accomodation and spa provides luxurious baths with relaxing spa treatments and glorious views. Plus, they run an eco-villiage, so this is perfect for sustainability travelers.
  2. J-Jireh Spa: This place puts a unique twist on the traditional Balinese flower bath and provides a floral milk bath!

Seminyak & DenPasar

Again, if you don’t have the luxury of having time to travel around the island, Seminyak or near Denpasar is a very common place to settle

I flew in very close to Seminyak. This area is known for its ritzy beach resorts and boutique shops.

This is going to be a busier and less isolated feel but I know that they offer a few options for people in the area that are stunning, and most of them offer a massage combo:

Flower Bath Bundles in Denpasar

Best Flower Baths in Seminyak & Denpasar

  1. Bodyworks: Prepare to be blown away by the exquisite flower baths at Bodyworks! This place has incredible deals on spa packages that include flower baths.
  2. Prana Spa: This spa has Islamic and Middle Eastern architectural influence and is one of the most beautiful spas in Seminyak.
  3. Jari Menari: Jari Menari, meaning ‘Dancing Fingers’, is one of the lesser known spas in Seminyak, but still offer beautiful Balinese flower baths.
  4. Nyuh Seminyak: This spa offers some incredibly aesthetic bath options in Seminyak! They also offer bubble baths with rose pedals. This is a great options for couples!

Gili Islands

I actually did my flower bath on a little island outside of Bali known as Gili Trawangan which is a part of the Gili Islands. 

This is going to be a more quaint and beach-y vibe! This is also going to be more isolated and less crowds than if you were to stay on the mainland.

To get here, I took a ferry from Padang Bai to Gili Trawangan (Gili T). This was an adventure in itself and was about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

FLower Bath in Gili

  • Gili Flower Bath Spa: This was the only bath that I could find on Gili Islands, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks in quality. This was my first ever flower bath experience in Bali, and as you can see from the photos, it did not disappoint!

Gili Flower Bath Spa Review

When traveling around all of Indonesia, I found myself in desparate need of a Bali flower bath. To put it simply, I was recovering from an ear surgery in Vietnam and the ATM had just ate my card.

I was overjoyed to find that Gili had a flower bath spa! It was pretty unassuming from the entrance but I was committed. 

I had my own private space to undress and get ready. I was then led to my private room with my bath. And you can believe me when I said that my jaw hit the floor. 

This was a spacious room with a giant circular tub filled with the most beautiful flowers. I had the spa attendant snap a few pictures (uhhh…awkward) and then I was off for an hour of pure relaxation. 

I think that while Ubud is more famous, this flower spa offered me a tranquil beach escape. Therefore, I would 100% recommend it to anybody who is visiting the Gili Islands (Gili T).

flower bath, Flower Bath in Bali (All You Need to Know)
Relaxing in my own personal Bali flower bath.

Hotels with Flower Baths in Bali

As you may have noticed with some of my suggestions in the previous section, there are many hotels that offer Bali flower baths.

I’m all about lazy traveling. And if you are already in a luxurious Bali hotel, it might be a possibility that they already offer a flower bath, even in your own room or villa. I found that this was the case with most popular hotels and private villas in Ubud.

Again, here are some options of hotels that offer flower baths in Ubud:

flower bath, Flower Bath in Bali (All You Need to Know)
Example of a flower bath set up in a private villa in Bali. Photo by Antonio Araujo on Unsplash,

Tips and Tricks for a Bali flower bath

If you can, bring a friend with you

At the time, I was solo traveling which equaled no photo buddy

And if you are interested in that perfect photo moment this is going to be a big one. In fact, it’s kinda hard to get a bad photo. 

But because I didn’t have anyone, I asked the spa lady to take one for me. Luckily she absolutely killed the photo game and is probably used to it, but it would have been more fun if I had a partner.

I ran into the same problem with I wore a kimono in Tokyo, but got lucky when asking strangers (who didn’t speak English). 

Or if you are feeling extra “extra”, you could make an event out of it and do a travel photoshoot

Bring a Romantic Partner

Speaking of partner, this would have been substantially more fun with a romantic partner (cries in single). 

A Bali flower bath is a activity that is inherently a romantic dream. So if you are traveling with your significant other, this is a fun and relaxing idea that you can check off your bucket list together! 

Enjoy the moment

Meditate! Take a nap! Enjoy the view! This is a once-in-a-lifetime activity that should be savored! 

So once you are done snapping that unreal Insta pic, I would recommend turning it off and practicing living in the moment. 

Take a few moments to appreciate exactly where you are in the world. Who else gets the opportunity to bathe in flowers on a tiny island and relax in pure bliss? 

Practice gratitude and let your mind go free while you soak your body in one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

flower bath, Flower Bath in Bali (All You Need to Know)
The ultimate relaxation bucket list experience in Bali! No regrets doing a Balinese flower bath!

How much is a flower bath in Bali?

You might think that this experience might break the bank but think again! 

Most of these places cost from $7-30 for a bath. There are some more upscaled spas (especially in Ubud) that will be a more standard spa price ($80-120+). 

The prices will obviously go up if you include other packages such as a massage, scrub, or food. Also, keep in mind that some of these spas have hotels that you can also stay at. 

There are also some resorts (ex. Kamandalu and Villa Cella Bella) that allow you to fill an ENTIRE pool with flowers. I would expect to pay at least $125-300 for this incredible flower relaxation experience!

Helpful resources

Planning a Trip to Bali

Here are some travel resources to help with your trip.

Step 1

Find a place to stay

Bali is so picturesque, you should have no trouble finding a luxurious place to stay!

Step 2

Book Activities

This island is brimming with incredible bucket list activities to do after your flower bath!

Step 3

find a Car to Rent

Bali is pretty chaotic when it comes to traffic…I would hire a driver instead of a car.

Step 4

Traveler’s Insurance

I met sever people with “Bali Belly”. Make sure that you are prepared for anything!

In Bali and need other things to do? Here are some ideas:

Adventure Bucket List Resources

I am here to help your travel adventures go as smoothly as possible! That way you can check off that bucket list with minimal complications and spending!

AIRFARE – It is no surprise that like many travelers, I have found that Hopper is one of the best resources to use when finding cheap flights. 

ACCOMMODATION – My two favorites are Booking.Com for hotels and VRBO for rentals. 

GUIDED TOURS –  If you are looking for quick and easy tours, check out GetYourGuide and Viator

MULTI-DAY TOURS –  For more in-depth tours that span several days, TourHub has many great options with reputable travel companies. Use my code (ALEXANDRA1GURU) for up to 5% off your next bucket list adventure. 

TRANSPORTATION –  You can either rent a car yourself with Discover Cars or do a guided bus tours like Big Bus Tours

CREDIT CARD –  I always use my Chase Freedom Unlimited card for all of my purchases. There is no annual fee and you get 1.5% cash back and 5% cash back on travel purchased through Chase Travel. 

SIM CARDS –  Avoid expensive roaming charges with an eSim card with Airalo.

TRAVELER’S INSURANCE –  Check out VisitorsCoverage for affordable insurance plans.

Sharing is Caring! Don’t forget to share this relaxing bucket list experience below!

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flower bath, Flower Bath in Bali (All You Need to Know)

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