skydiving, Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List
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Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List

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Pop quiz! What activity is equal parts terrifying and equal parts exhilarating and yet seems to be on the majority of everyone’s bucket list? That’s right, folks—we are talking about skydiving

Of all of the activities that people have stated they want to do before they die, I think skydiving might be the most common. Do you think it is the sense of adrenaline that runs through your body as it hurls itself toward the ground? Or the unexpected peace one feels with the illusion of weightlessness as you glide through the air? 

Whatever it is—it is sure worth the hype and an activity that I fully recommend every person does before they die!

My Bucket List Review of Skydiving in Colorado

My Overall Rating9/10
Who Needs to Add This to Their Bucket List?Adrenaline junkies
Explorers who want a good view
People conquering their fears
Best Time to GoAnytime, but it might depend on location,
seasonality, or weather.
Traveling DifficultyEasy
Physical DifficultyModerate
Popularity Rating9/10
Group/Tour RequiredYes, unless you are qualified to go alone, you are required
to have a buddy and go tandem.
Wheelchair AccessibleNo

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skydiving, Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List
Tandem skydiving over the Colorado mountains for the first time.

What to Expect From Going Skydiving

The Logistics of going skydiving

Yes—we have all seen the amazing pictures and videos from around the world, but what does it actually feel like to go skydiving? 

Well, let’s dive in first to the logistics. Keep in mind that this may change from company to company. I went to Mile-Hi Skydiving in Longmont, CO. 

When I arrived, I had some time to kill (which did wonders for my nerves). After a while, we watched a safety video and met our buddy. This buddy is strapped to you the entire time during the fall and takes care of all of the pesky tasks (like opening the parachute and landing). 

After the orientation, we got suited up! Ready to rock and roll, a car took us to the tarmac with a very very small plane. I purchased a video package, so there was filming and interviewing as I got onto the plane.

Once inside, the plane had two long benches; kind of similar to the seats in the cafeteria at school. The ride up to the drop spot was quick and during that time that I attached to my buddy. 

skydiving, Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List
In the plane getting ready to skydive.

(Just FYI, it can be a bit awkward because you sit on their lap and are very close to them. But let’s be honest—it is the last thing you are thinking about once that door opens.)

Then comes the moment that has been leading up to this: the doors open and everyone slid down the seats until it was my turn to take the ultimate leap! 

They let the solo jumpers go first and then the tandem ones went after. If it is your first time and you are not certified, you are going to be a tandem jumper and strapped to a professional

Once out of the plane, the free fall lasted about 50-60 seconds and once he opened the parachute it was about a 4-5 minute descent

Once we got close to the ground, I lifted my feet into the air and slid on my butt on the ground! And there it was! Easy peasy, right? Well, let’s quickly talk about how it makes you feel…

skydiving, Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List

What skydiving feels like

The biggest question that probably is in everyone’s mind is a simple one: is it scary? The answer to this is complicated, but in a word: yes. In my experience, the sheer panic and realization of what I was doing came in waves. 

The first discomfort honestly just came from waiting for my turn. I knew what was going to happen but somehow my brain could not connect the pieces of the actual act and craziness that was about to happen.  

When I was getting suited up, I was so filled with adrenaline that I couldn’t possibly think. I didn’t exactly comprehend what I was doing until I was sitting in a plane strapped to another person and had a very real thought: this plane ride was one way. How many times in your life can you say that?

skydiving, Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List

They let the solo jumpers go first, which means I got the honor of watching everyone jump. Hint: this was when I started to panic.

All the time up to that, I had pushed it down to not actually feel scared. However, when they open that door and people start to jump (two things that your brain is really not used to seeing), it becomes real very fast. 

For me, it was a very unique and interesting experience because there has never been another scenario in my life where I had so much fear running through my body and then…nothing. 

What happened? I jumped. Once I jumped, it was as if all of that fear dissipated throughout my body, and all that was peace. Now I know what you are thinking: Uh, Alex, you are falling from 12,000 strapped to a complete stranger…how can that be peaceful??? 

And let me tell you, there is something so meditative and awe-inspiring about it. This insane juxtaposition of emotions is EXACTLY why I recommend that every person does this before they die. I think there is something very beautiful about being absolutely scared out of your mind and yet when you jump and let go of that control then it becomes a freeing, enlightening, and wonderful experience! 

Just a disclaimer, I felt this with skydiving but did not feel this feeling (in regard to the height) with bungee jumping or climbing a Via Ferrata.

That minute seemed to last forever until he pulled the shot. By that point, I had so much adrenaline coursing through my veins that I was in a state of pure euphoria! 

The descent was nice because it was slow, gave me time to process what had just happened, and was a wonderful view (you don’t often see the world from that perspective!). After I landed, I was giddy and could not wait to try it again!

Ready to Take the Leap? Here are some ideas!

skydiving, Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List
Heading into the plane to go skydiving!

Tips and Tricks For Going Skydiving

Wear comfy clothes

The last thing that you want is to get up on the plane and have an uncomfortable wedgie. You may laugh…but seriously. 

Wear something that you can move in and feel comfortable in. I wore workout clothes with many layers. The amount of layers and warmth may depend on where you skydive. I went in Colorado in the summer. It was pretty warm and whatever cold I did experience was covered by the suits that they make you wear. 

If we are being real here, I think temperature is going to be the last thing on your mind when they are strapping you to your buddy and falling out of a plane.

skydiving, Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List
The first jump out of the plane going skydiving!

Eat something but don’t eat a lot

This is a personal preference, obviously. I tend to get nauseous when I don’t eat. However, eating a 5-course meal and then hurling yourself out of a plane doesn’t come to my mind when I think of a “good time”. 

I ate a protein bar and drank a lot of water before and was just fine! Just make sure you go to the bathroom before (for obvious reasons). My advice would be to listen to your body and know what is best for you

skydiving, Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List
Posing with my tandem buddy after safely landing from skydiving.

Get a skydiving photo/video package if it is within your budget

Most companies will have a photo and video packages that you can purchase. I found that watching my video really put it into the perspective of how cool this activity actually is. 

Also, one thing that I love about skydiving is that it is nearly impossible for your mind to wander while skydiving. Because of this, you are forced into an almost meditative state where you are completely present at the moment. With the video, it becomes easy to relive that moment over and over again! 

Not to mention that you can share that memory with loved ones and friends. I would especially recommend this if you are facing a fear or only going to do skydiving once

skydiving, Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List
Screaming for joy skydiving in Colorado.

Realize that skydiving is supposed to be scary—but don’t let your fear ruin the experience

It is very easy to overthink what is happening and push your emotions into a state of anxiety and panic. Skydiving can cause these fears because of the act itself, but I think the most of the anxiety stems from a complete lack of control

Let me be clear: these feelings are completely normal and healthy! But try to realize that the amazing part of the experience is having these feelings and then overcoming them by jumping! And think about how sweet it will be by overcoming them

I think that this is why skydiving makes the lists for many people; it is not just about the physical accomplishment, but for the emotional achievement as well!

*Also quick note—still consider it even if you are afraid of heights. In my experience, height is actually not as much of a factor because you are so high up! And once the parachute deploys the way down to the ground is so slow that it might be okay for some individuals with a mild fear of heights.

As I mentioned before, I would, however, steer clear of bungee jumping, especially if you are afraid of heights.

skydiving, Everything You’ll Learn From Adding Skydiving to Your bucket List
Skydiving a second time with my family! Beats family game night, I guess?

Are you thinking about going skydiving or know someone who needs to add this to their bucket list? Don’t forget to share the love below 🙂

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