skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]

Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]

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Hey there, adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers! Get ready to buckle up (or rather, buckle in). Because today we’re diving headfirst into the exhilarating world of skydiving.

As a seasoned adventurer and skydiving aficionado, I’ve taken the plunge multiple times. I cannot wait to share my thoughts in this podcast!

When deciding whether or not to take the leap into the unknown, you might be wondering, “Is skydiving really worth it?”

Well, fear not, fellow adventurers! In this episode of “Tick It Before You Kick It,” we’re about to deep dive into this adrenaline-fueled experience.

Throughout my own skydiving escapades, I’ve discovered the answer isn’t as clear-cut as you might think. Sure, there’s an undeniable sense of liberation as you plummet towards the earth at breakneck speeds.

And let’s not forget the bragging rights that come with conquering the ultimate bucket list item. But beneath the surface, there’s a deeper sense of self-discovery and empowerment that accompanies each jump. This pushes you beyond your comfort zone and into the realm of the extraordinary.

So, join me in this podcast as we delve into the heart-pounding world of skydiving. And, ultimately answer the age-old question: Is skydiving worth it?

skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
The Bucket List Mermaid checking off skydiving from her bucket list in Colorado.

In this Episode…

  • Talk about one of the most checked off bucket list ideas in the world!
  • Hear a first hand experience of skydiving.
  • Discuss the emotional side of skydiving.
  • Debate whether it triggers fear of heights.
  • Learn skydiving tips and tricks.
  • Discover if skydiving is right for you to put on your bucket list.

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skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]

Full Podcast Transcript (Episode 2: Skydiving)

Intro INto Skydiving

Hey, there! Welcome to “Tick It Before You Kick It!”, an adventure show that talks about the epic things that you need to add to your bucket list!

I’m Alexandra…a mermaid and an adventure blogger reporting to you from my RV up in the middle of nowhere in the mountains!

I have to start off this bucket list show with one of the most epic and iconic adventure bucket lists that you can do. In fact, it just blows my brain that so many people have done this and when you think about it logically…it is super scary (or is it??).

So, let’s talk about one of the most adventurous things that you can cross off your bucket list and that is skydiving!

skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
Posing with my tandem buddy.

My Experience Skydiving

Now, at least here in the US you have to be 18 in order to go skydiving. So, naturally as an adventuring mermaid, I was quite literally crossing off the days until I turned 18 and I could go skydiving.

I finally got the chance here in my hometown of Colorado at Mile High Skydiving and my best friend actually gifted this to me for my birthday. It was probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

I’m gonna kinda talk about my experience with what I went through first physically and then maybe a little bit emotionally what it was like to just jump out of a plane and only take a one-way ticket up to the sky.

What Skydiving Feels like Physically

First, we went there we started off with a safety brief, and then we also met our partners. What I learned there, which I previously didn’t know is that you actually can’t jump alone unless you have a certain certification.

So, if you are just checking this off of your bucket list you’re probably going to be…well actually you are going to be jumping with another individual.

This individual is trained, they work for the company, they know exactly what to do and their job is to keep you safe and basically do everything for you so that all you need to do is just jump out of a plane and try to hold in your screams.

Heading to the Plane

Once I met my partner we got all suited up in this like jumpsuit thing…it was bright purple and it was great. We ended up taking a little car to a tiny hanger with a tiny little plane. I think this is the smallest plane I have ever been in for obvious reasons and it only consisted of two benches on each side and then you can obviously see out of the window.

It was a little weird for me to think to myself, “OK…I’m gonna get into this plane and I am not gonna come back down.

It was just so crazy for me to wrap my brain around what skydiving actually was.

skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
Talking everything through on the plane before we jumped.

Taking Off

Anyway, back to the story. So, I decided to upgrade and get the video package because this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing that I wanted to commemorate. And I wanted to see again, I wanted to show people, and I also wanted to show you guys.

I got interviewed a little bit beforehand and then we went into the plane. Now surprisingly I was not really nervous at this point. I know that’s super strange but it was fine.

I don’t think it really hit my head with what I was going to be doing and that I was actually going to be jumping out of this plane.

Once I got inside, I got interviewed again. I got to meet all the people. They did have the solo jumpers – like those people with the certification – go first and then we were at the end sitting with my best friend.

It was super amazing and I thought it was really cool that I could see the cockpit and I could see everything there like I could see the view, and then once we got to the specific altitude, they opened up the door.

Get Ready to Jump!

All the solo jumpers went, and then we started sliding down those two benches on each side of the plane and then we just jumped.

Another skydiver was there with me and he was filming me the entire time and my reaction to the entire thing. The free fall only lasted for like a minute or two was actually a lot shorter than I anticipated and then he pulled the parachute and it was a very nice relaxing way to go down.

And then once we reach the bottom, I just lifted by feet up and I just slid on the ground on my butt and it was just like one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

What Skydiving Feels LIke Emotionally

So that was physically what it was like but now let’s talk about the emotional aspect of it and why the emotional aspect is why I would recommend this to anybody who can stomach it.

As I mentioned before, I really wasn’t too nervous. I don’t know if it just didn’t hit my brain that I was going to jump out of a plane…but I was cool, I was calm, I was collected. I went in the plane and I thought it was fascinating.

It was so cool to see everybody in their gear. It was fun to have, you know, the photos being taken and then the plane door opened and I don’t know why: it just hit me. Like, I was gonna have to jump out.

skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
Taking the ultimate leap out of the plane while skydiving.

Ready. Set. Panic!

I was gonna have to jump out with a stranger that I didn’t even know I was putting literally my life into the hands of somebody that I didn’t know.

Also, you get close to these people super fast. I was low-key kind of sitting in his lap. I was like, “I’m so sorry,” and he was like, “Don’t worry, it’s my job,”

Anyway, I was gonna jump out of this plane with a perfectly good stranger and that was just crazy to me. And then once I saw people jumping out of the plane, it’s just something that your brain isn’t used to…like obviously you see it in movies and stuff, but I just didn’t really comprehend how weird it would be to see humans jump out of a perfectly good and sound airplane.

And then when I went and I saw the massive view from up there that was kind of when the panic started to set in and the adrenaline is pumping. I realize what I’m doing. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, why did I actually agree to do this.”

The Skydiving Paradox

I think I only felt this intense fear for probably 10 seconds because once you jump, it is such an interesting paradox. It’s just this instant wave of peace.

And I know it’s your thinking, “Alex, you just jumped out of a plane. How can it be peaceful?!”

Well, it is and I can’t explain exactly what it is – how you go from such intense panic and fear to just feeling alive and peaceful and almost meditative – it was really cool!

You’re just so in that present moment and I can’t explain why there is no fear once you jump and I actually am probably gonna have to do an interview about this with other people who have skydived because this is kind of a universal thing where you have that really intense fear and then you just jump.

I think it’s kind of cool to apply that to your own life…like you just have to jump and then you just feel this extreme sense of being OK.

skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
Only looking a little panicked as a hurl myself out of a perfectly good airplane.

No Wandering Thoughts…

Anyway, those 60 seconds of freefall were so intense and your mind cannot be anywhere else other than that.

Your mind cannot be wandering; your mind cannot be on what your bills are and what your to do list is and your work.

Your mind has to be there so I think it’s a very good way to force you to be in the present moment and just do this once-in-a-lifetime activity.

Which is another reason why I suggest that everybody who has a desire to go skydiving definitely should…just to feel the sensation of being, as I said, totally scared and then totally just said peace with where you are.

It’s extremely beautiful. It’s extremely exhilarating. The adrenaline rush lasts for hours. It’s crazy and I would 10 out of 10 recommend.

Then once he pulled the parachute it was, again, just this fascinating feeling of just being so still and so serene. There’s no noises up there it’s so peaceful up there.

It’s such a unique way to see the world and see the world around you and then you just slowly come down.

skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
Seeing the world from a whole new perspective while skydiving.

Heights and That Aweful “Dropping” Sensation

Now one question that I get a lot is: heights and do you feel that dropping sensation? Actually, no. For some reason, at least in my experience, the height wasn’t bad because you were so far away from the ground.

Then as far as that dropping sensation…where kind of feels like your stomach is coming through your mouth…(which I am personally not a fan of). I didn’t actually feel that. Maybe slightly when you first jump out of the plane, but I think it’s because your body is parallel to the ground so I personally didn’t feel any effects of falling.

I didn’t really feel like we were falling at all. It kind of felt like we were just suspended up in the air.

Now bungee jumping…completely different. I don’t have a fear of heights but bungee jumping? That was scary. That was probably one of the most scariest things and you do feel that dropping sensation

I’ll do another episode on bungee jumping (stay tuned!) cause that was crazy. Skydiving was more just like a peaceful, fun experience rather than scary. The only part that was scary for me was the plane.

I’m sure this depends on traveler to traveler, but for the majority of people that I’ve talked to that have checked off the bucket list, they all say the same thing that it is just exhilarating and very unique sensation of going skydiving and jumping out of a plane. It kinda tricks your brain because I didn’t feel like I was falling. I kinda just felt like I was being suspended over that air.

Who Should Check This Off Of Their Bucket LIst?

Now, if you are scared to check this off of your bucket list, I want to assure you that if this is one of those things that if you are thinking about it, please just do it. Just take the leap, just splurge on it and know that it is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing that you need to do.

I will admit that this is not for everybody.

However, if you just have that itch and you’re like, “Oh, I really want to do that, but I’m scared.”

Just trust me…just do it! Go for it because it is something that needs to be experienced by every traveler.

Skydiving Tips

Now, if I had to tell you some recommendations that I would have here is what I was suggest:

1. Wear Comfy Clothes

Number one definitely wear comfy clothes. Odds are your clothing is probably not going to be the first thing on your mind. However, just in order to have a good experience, just wear something really comfy so that you can fit into that jumpsuit without having any, like, wedgies or anything.

I know that’s silly to think about but that’s really last thing you wanna be thinking about as you’re hurling yourself out of an airplane.

skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
All geared up and ready to skydive.

2. Don’t Eat a Ton Before

Next, although you don’t get that little sensation in your stomach, maybe don’t eat a lot before you go. I had a protein bar and I was totally fine.

3. Get the Photo Package

Also, I know that it might be expensive depending on where you are because skydiving is an inherently expensive activity. However, if they do have a photo or a video package and it is within your budget, I would 100% recommend going with it.

This isn’t just something that you decide to do on a random Tuesday (and if it is then I definitely wanna be friends with you). However, for us mortals, this is something that is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing for you and you definitely want to commemorate it.

You wanna be able to revisit it. You wanna be able to look at those photos when you’re older and you could say, “Oh my gosh, I actually did that.”

I feel like when you’re in the moment it goes very quickly and sometimes the adrenaline hypes you up and then you’re just like, “Wait. What just happened?”

But if you get the video and the photos, you can go back and you can relive that experience again and again and again.

With my company I was very, very impressed with how they handled the photo package because I actually had another skydiving in addition to my tandem buddy that was following me around the entire time. As I said, he interviewed me, he took photos, he actually jumped with us, and was there the entire time filming.

I was definitely was impressed with that service and I would 100% recommend it…unless you are my mother…who very obviously screamed a profanity as she was jumping out of the plane and that was super fun to watch in the viewing room later with my entire family 🤣

skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
My first time going on a skydive!

4. Realize Skydiving is Gonna Be Scary, but Don’t Let it Ruin it

Also, I would say that it is meant to be a little scary. As I said, skydiving is a very intense activity that, again, I cannot believe we as humans decided that we were gonna make this a sport and gonna make this a thing and that so many people do it!

And it is scary…like seeing that the plane open it is scary! And although you do feel peace at some points of it, it is an inherently scary activity.

However, I don’t think you should let your fear ruin the experience. You know, don’t think about all the worst case scenarios. If you go with a good company, they are going to minimize risk. They are going to keep you safe and you’re gonna have a professional with you the entire time.

So, my biggest advice would be just be to let go and just try to let go of control (which is super hard for some of us). Let go and just enjoy the experience for what it is.

Giving UP Control

On that note, there are a lot of very obvious fears that are right in front of your face when you are skydiving…like that you are jumping out of a plane strapped to a stranger. However, I think that there are some subconscious fears and that does include you giving up control. The second that you step out of that plane you aren’t in control and that is kind of scary.

But I think it’s good for us because sometimes (okay…most of the time) we’re not really in control and sometimes you just have to let it go and just enjoy the ride. Enjoy skydiving!

Is Skydiving Worth Your Bucket List

Is this worth your bucket list? Honestly, absolutely! It is one of the things that people are like, “Oh, I kinda wanna do that…” Just do it!

As I said before, it is definitely not for some people, but if you can stomach it and you have that little bucket list itch to do it…I would definitely not even hesitate and I would go for it.

Do Your Research

I would, however, research the company as much as you can while you’re doing it because it is going to be vastly different from country to country and company to company.

Even just for what you are seeing! For example, I did it in Colorado so I’m naturally starting at a higher elevation so I might not get as much of a free fall as other coastal towns. For example, I had the opportunity to do it in New Zealand and in this one you free fall for a long time because you were right on the water and you could also land on the beach where I just landed in a random field in the middle of nowhere.

So depending on your location and where you go there’s going to be different components of skydiving and I would definitely do your research on this.

This is a risky activity and it is a risky sport where you are taking more risks than you’re probably going to with a lot of things. So, you wanna be safe.

Those decisions are what’s going to make the safety and the comfort during your skydiving experience.

skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
Being escorted to the plane to go skydiving!

Would You Go Skydiving?

So, what do you think? Would you go skydiving? Would you actually take the leap or have you already taken this leap?

I do have an entire article written on this in my blog the where I say all the things that you will learn when you go skydiving so make sure to check that out or the show notes if you want more information with checking this off of your bucket list.

If you do end up going skydiving, please tag or let me know on the social medias. I am @thebucketlistmermaid…because I love these photos and I love seeing people skydiving and I really want to see you do this, so definitely don’t be afraid to reach out.

I am here to cheer you on all of your bucket list and as always, don’t forget to subscribe to your podcasting, leave me a review, or head over to my website for more.

Thank you so much for watching and we will see you on the next adventure!

skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
Taking the leap again with the same company but this time with my family!

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skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
The Bucket List Mermaid
skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]
skydiving podcast, Skydiving – Is it Worth it? [Podcast Ep. 2]

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