Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado

A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado

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Nestled in the heart of Colorado’s picturesque landscape, Arrowhead Point Resort in Colorado (Buena Vista) is a haven for RV enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. 

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature, enjoy a range of amenities, or explore nearby attractions, Arrowhead Point offers a compelling destination for your next outdoor excursion.

Bucket List Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado

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Who Should Add This to Their Bucket List?RVers or Campers
who want great mountain views.
Best Time to GoLate Spring/Early Summer
Traveling DifficultyEasy
Physical DifficultyEasy/Moderate
Popularity Rating3/10
Group Tour RequiredNo
Wheelchair AccessibleYes, but you will
have to go over dirt.
Favorite Tour in Buena VistaBrowns Canyon Full Day Rafting Adventure

If you need more information about the categories of this table, please check out the Bucket List Reviews guide.

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
A cabin with mountains at Arrowhead Point Resort in Colorado.

What Makes Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado Unique

Arrowhead Point Resort stands out for its natural beauty. From family-friendly activities to its serene setting, this campground is a peaceful setting and convenient gateway into Buena Vista, Colorado. 

Natural Beauty

The crisp mountain air and serene environment make it an ideal getaway.

Seriously, there are mountains in every direction. I wake up every morning, turn my head to the left, and get a mountain view. 

Plus, if you climb up to the camping section in the back you get an entire new mountain range to gape at.

Proximity to Buena Vista

The outdoor heaven of Beuna Vista is literally right outside your front door! 

You can be at the trailhead of several 14ers within an hour, go regular hiking within 15 minutes, and rafting in less than that. 

Plus, there are several taverns, adorable mountain shops, and outdoor beer gardens that are worth visiting on Main Street of Buena Vista.

If you are looking for a vacation spot that is in close proximity of adventure, Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado delivers. 

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
Looking down over Buena Vista, Colorado.

History of Arrowhead Point Resort in Colorado

This is something unique! This campground was actually one of the 165 stations on the Pony Express route and Stage Coach Stop from the 1800s.

It still contains a bunkhouse, stable, and tack room.

My only complaint was that there was a bunch of “keep out” signs on them, so if people could stop being naughty and use common sense so that I can get a better view of history, that would be great…

Peace and Quiet

Other than the sound of the highway, one thing that stood out to me is that it is incredibly peaceful. 

Granted, this could be due to the time of year that I decided to visit, but I stand by that this is a very serene mountain environment to escape into. 

I have stayed in other campgrounds that are bustling, such as Riverview RV Park in Loveland, and that is awesome! But sometimes I just want to be left alone with my mountains. 

And because I’m here in early June, I got my wish. 

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
Our RV with the mountains in the background at Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado.

Best Time to Visit Arrowhead Point Resort

The best time to visit Arrowhead Point is from late spring to early fall. 

During these months, the weather is typically mild and conducive to outdoor activities. 

Summer offers the most reliable conditions for RV travel and may be ideal for tent camping, while autumn brings stunning fall foliage that shouldn’t be missed.

Personally, I came here in early June. We are some of the only RVers here and rarely even see anybody else. As I said, peaceful, right? 

I must say that it’s hot, especially if you are in an RV. Temperatures of even low 80s can equal skyrocketing temperatures in the RV if you aren’t careful. This is why I say that late spring and early fall are the best, because I cannot even imagine the heat during mid-summer. 

Then again, you could just go rafting to cool off and be just fine!

The only caviat for coming during late spring or early fall is it is harder to hike those iconic Colorado 14ers and some rafting opportunities might be inaccessible. 

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Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
A bonfire at Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado.

The Best Spot for Your RV and Tent in Arrowhead Point Resort

Arrowhead Point offers a variety of RV spots, each with its own advantages. 

From what I saw, there were two main areas for RVs with the 55-65 being better if you want a view from the side and the 1-34 getting views out the back. 

There was also a section in the middle (35-49) that would be good if you want to be close to the facilities. 

I stayed in spot 61, which was one of the easiest pull throughs I’ve ever  done (something I cry tears of joy for my massive fifth wheel).

We are pretty close to the people next to us with no trees, but we parked back far enough so that we get a decent mountain view out of our kitchen windows. 

I always prefer the spots that have the view on the side since we don’t have a rear living fifth wheel and our view is mainly from our kitchen. 

Other RV spots that stood out to me were: 

  • 56: You are close to the highway, but right on the end facing sideways. So, if your windows face that way, you would get an unobstructed view. 
  • 20 and 19: This is on the other side of the RV section. These would be nice if you had that lovely window out the back. However, there is little shade and you might get a view of your neighbor to the side. 

Tent Spots:

Honestly, the tent camp spots behind the RV is really where this Resort shines! It is amazing back theres, with mountains on all sides. There is even a seasonal river that I walked along. 

  • T11-T19: A set of spots behind all the RVers that are nice and shaded. My personal favorite was T12 because you get views of mountains from two sides.
  • T10: An isolated spot due to all of the trees. It is close to the highway, but you would get an unobstructed view of the mountains. 

Cabins and Yurts

If you are not interested in camping, I would look into the yurts! After looking around, I personally liked the location of Yurt 1 the best. 

They have a variety of cabins around as well, but I think that I would prefer a yurt because it is more unique! 

You can find the campground map 👉 here!

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
Yurt 1 at Arrowhead Point Resort by Buena Vista.

Views You Will Get at Arrowhead Point Resort

Arrowhead Point Resort is located along the Collegiate Peaks scenic byway in Buena Vista, Colorado. 

Coming in from Denver into  I-70 from and Copper Mountain, my jaw dropped going through the San Isobel National Forest and Leadville. 

If you are looking for an isolated “omg there are mountains everywhere” kind of vibe, Buena Vista is for you. 

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
A view from T12 campsite.

Facilities at Arrowhead Point Resort

Arrowhead Point Resort offers a range of facilities designed to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable:

  • Restrooms and Showers: Honestly, most of the ones that I found were locked or out of order, but we had sewer so it wasn’t a huge deal. Keep in mind that the showers do cost money.
  • Laundry Facilities: Convenient for longer stays. It does only take quarters and the coin machine was sold out, so save your quarters!
  • Playground: Perfect for families with kids.
  • Activity Areas: I found a basketball hoop, pavilion with a BBQ, horse shoes, a bonfire area, and a badminton net. 
  • Wi-Fi Access: Stay connected even in the great outdoors. Note: I did not test this wifi since I travel with Starlink. 
  • General Store: Stocked with essentials and local goods.
  • Good Sam: This is a Good Sam park and is eligible for discounts. 

I will say that when I was here in June, there was hardly anybody there. I, personally, loved it. 

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
A playground – one of the many facilities at Arrowhead Point Resort.

Friendly Staff

The staff at Arrowhead Point are known for their friendliness and helpfulness, especially in organizing larger group events. 

Although I didn’t see a lot of them, the owner, his two kids, and Bob the dog are lovely! He gave us some great tips for what to do around town. 

They are always available to assist with any questions or needs you may have.

The general store isn’t always open, so make sure to check hours (if you can find them) and be little flexible. 

Types of Hookups

Arrowhead Point offers full hookups, including water, sewer, and electric, catering to various amperage needs (30 and 50 amp). 

So…embarrassing story. We pulled into a massive big rig spot and then realized that we didn’t have 50 amp. Getting more and more annoyed, it wasn’t until our last day that we realized that the 50 amp was on a separate box with the cable. Totally our fault, but it was a bit wonky.

Make sure to book a spot that suits your needs, because some spots only have water and electric, and some only electric. 

One thing that stood out was that there were some tent spots with electric! Oooo, ahhhh, now that’s camping luxury! 

Is there shade at Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado? 

There is shade at some spots, but I wouldn’t count on it being very effective. There are some nice tent spots with shade, but RV spots with shade are tricker to come by. 

I did notice that the new management was planting some new trees! So, let’s chat about this topic in about 15 years…

The camping sites (T11 to T19) are in a more wooded area and provide lots of opportunities for shade. 

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
Pink flowers found on one of the trees near my camper.


Arrowhead Point is pet-friendly, making it a great choice for travelers who don’t want to leave their furry friends behind. 

In fact, it is one of the only campgrounds in the area to feature dog walking areas.

Of course, they must be on leashes at all times, their business cleaned up, and not left alone.

There is also a flat charge of $10 for bringing pets onto RV sites and $50 in a cabin or yurt. 

Plus, there is a brown lab named “Bob” who wanders around with the owner that is living his best doggy life. 

Big Rig Friendly

Arrowhead Point is Big Rig friendly, offering spacious sites that accommodate larger RVs with ease. 

Plus, they offer pull through spots that are up to 60 feet long and can accommodate slides. Can you hear me happy crying?

Maneuvering is straightforward, thanks to wide roads and well-designed parking spots.

Again, don’t be like me and make sure that you are checking your spot because the 50 amp might be separate and hidden.

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
One of the cabins with a mountain backdrop.

Things to Do Around Arrowhead Point Resort

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado is conveniently located around several activity hotspots, most of them being outdoor related. Here are a few! 


The hiking around Buena Vista is sublime!

From Arrowhead Point Resort, I drove approximately 13 minutes to the Midland Hill Trailhead. From here, you can access miles of trails all along the Arkansas River. You also have access to the popular River Park and Whipple Trail

For reference, I took the North Trail to the N Broken Boyfriend Trail to the South Trail. My total journey was about 3.5 miles (easy to moderate hiking) and offered mountain views the entire way. 

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
View from the North Trail from the Midland Hills Trailhead.

Whiteriver Rafting

I had the opportunity to go rafting with Noah’s Arc when I was a wee bean sprout of a mermaid. It was very family friendly, but still provided some heart pumping rapids.

Reguarding this previous time when I RVed here in Buena Vista…here’s my sob story. I was all set to go white water river rafting.

However, after visiting St. Elmo and hiking around, we came back to a forest fire in Twin Lakes. We ended up getting pre-evacuated and decided to leave early.

Fortunately, we rafted the Royal Gorge instead. There were several guides there who also guided Brown’s Canyon and spoke very highly of it, boasting that it was some of the best rafting in Colorado.

Hiking Fourteeners 

If you are new to Colorado, we are a bit odd…cause we like to climb mountains that are over 14,000 feet, often referred to as “14ers”. 

If you are up for the challenge, you are in luck! The Sawatch Range of 14ers offer more mountains than any other range in the state.

The ones that I considered doing was Mt. Yale (the closest) and Mt. Elbert (the highest in Colorado). My efforts were thwarted by the snow that was still lingering up there and I already packed away my snowshoes. 

Huge disclaimer: this is NOT for the weak. These are challenging hikes that are above treeline, take about 6-10 hours, and involve very high altitude environments. Please be safe, especially if you are not used to the altitude. 

Biggest tip from a CO local that done a ton of them? Start hiking around 3/4am and summit at sunrise. You will thank me later when you aren’t spontaneously combusting from the heat and getting caught in afternoon thunderstorms. 

Horseback Riding

Horseback rides take place all over the place in Buena Vista!

Shorter rides are often along the cottonwoods with views of Mt. Princeton (one of those legendary 14ers). 

Longer trips can take you at the foot of Mt. Antero (yet again another 14er), Arkansas Valley, by waterfalls, or even at sunset. 

Mountain Biking

Ahh, Colorado and it’s mountain bike lovers! Buena vista’s trail are normally open to mountain bikers as well. 

I even met some nice cyclists while hiking! 

You can rent gear, bring your own, or go on a guided tour. 

Downtown Buena Vista

Downtown Buean Vista might be small, but it sure does offer access to some adorable little mountain shops. 

Plus, they have a surplus of local taverns and outdoor beer gardens that any Coloradan would swoon for. 

We went out for drinks, food, and live music at a little place called “Deerhammer”. They were very proud of their whisky (and for a good reason), and their parmesan truffle fries were incredible.

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
A shiny red convertible spotted in downtown Buena Vista.


If you are into fishing, there are several fishing tours and opportunities, especially along the Arkansas river. 

Adventure Parks and Ziplining

If you are looking for something that is truly unique to the area, the Browns Canyon Adventure Park is a perfect idea for families and thrill seekers. It is like a huge rope obstacle course, but you are surrounded by pristine Colorado mountains. 

Another adventure idea is there are several ziplining companies around the area with more in Leadville and Salida.

Hot Springs

Coming in highly recommended, the Princeton Hot Springs offers an infinity pool, slides, a historic bath house, and a creekside hot spring. 

Unfortunately, I could not attend (try as I might) due to the water levels being so high in June. 

Room for Improvement

Although I do think that Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado is a wonderful RV and tent camping destination, especially due to its proximity to Buena Vista, it is a bit of an adventure. 

I personally loved the more outdoors-y and rustic feel, but my mother needed more convincing. Then again, she did take a shower with three black spiders. 

It looks like the new owners are indeed doing their best to try to renovate, but some amenities were outdated or not working. 

Also, I always have to complain when I have to pay for a shower, especially with quarters that I don’t have.  

I would love to see it in peak season once the construction is done! 

In addition, and they can’t help this due to their location, but it is right off of Highway 24. It is a little odd being put in this cute little RV resort surrounded my mountains…but then always hear and see the highway. 

Again, it isn’t a huge deal and is unavoidable, but something to prep yourself for when making your booking.

Fortunately, when driving down and seeing the other RV parks that are available that are still on the highway, this one definitely still looks like the best option! 

Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado, A Comprehensive Review of Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado
Driving through Leadville in order to get to Buena Visa.

Would I Recommend Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado?

Without a doubt, Arrowhead Point Resort Colorado is a fantastic destination for both seasoned RV travelers and those new to the lifestyle.

Just be ready for a backcountry outdoor Colorado experience! If you are coming in the summer, come prepared! 

While some of its amenities are a bit outdated and it’s proximity to the highway is unfortunate, its blend of natural beauty and closeness to adventure still make it a top choice for anyone looking to explore Buena Vista and the surrounding areas by RV or tent.

Resources to Get You To Buena Vista

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ACCOMMODATION – My two favorites are Booking.Com for hotels and VRBO for rentals. 

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